site specific, time based installation, stereo, loop, 25’07”

R 103 THRESHOLD was inspired by the old Japanese theatre stage technique called ‘dogugaeshi‘ (道具返; dôgu: tool, requisite; gaeshi: change, exchange), in which multiple ‘fusuma‘ (襖; wood-, paper panels, like partitions or flat stage settings/backdrops) are revealed behind each other, usually in a motion similar to opening sliding doors. Each time the panels open up, a new scenery, room or other space-illusion is revealed.

The video installation intends to serve as a threshold, opening the actual room, extending it into landscapes and sceneries, allowing an exchange and contrast between inside and outside, blurring the frontiers of time and space.

Two videos in the room mirror the present window and door. The opening and closing door is projected onto a gap in the wall of the same size as on the opposite site, where an actual door is built in. Opening and closing curtains in front of the window again mimic the present windows and curtains. Behind the door and window alternating rooms and slightly surreal spaces become visible, including footage from Egypt, Italy, Germany, Austria as well as actual rooms from the monastery itself and its surroundings.

The sound is a combination of original video-footage recordings, seperate audio recordings by Rian Treanor and Lia Sáile as well as music by Claudio Puntin, mixed with the help of Rian Treanor


Dr. Taubenberger, Dr. Raueiser, Gammon, Rian Treanor and Bernhard Hochenauer.

Installation view, Monastery Irsee, Irsee, DE, 2013
Installation view, Monastery Irsee, Irsee, DE, 2013