Installation of embroidered silk projection screen, 200 x 110 cm, and HD vide loop, stereo, 17′

Using hand woven, natural colored, un-processed raw silk as a base, the process of stitching an Aztec code symbol using manual machine embroidery is documented. The code is embroidered in the same white tone as the base fabric, creating an un-scannable textured code relief. The symbol becomes readable when catching the right moment during the video projection.

The progress of the textured manifestation is projected onto the final piece itself, reflecting relations between content, context, production and comprehension.


1. A weaving together of parts.
2. A body or structure made by interweaving or assembling parts.
3. The arrangement and union of the constituent parts of a thing.
4. The structural character of a thing
5. Context

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(from Middle French texture, borrowed from Latin textura (“a weaving, web, texture, structure”), from texere (“to weave”), past participle textus; see text.)

1. The feel or shape of a surface or substance
2. (art) The quality given to a work of art by the composition and interaction of its parts.
3. (obsolete) The act or art of weaving.
4. (obsolete) Something woven; a woven fabric; a web

 Sources: Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary,, Encyclopædia Britannica.


1. A short symbol, often with little relation to the item it represents.
2. A body of law, sanctioned by legislation, in which the rules of law to be specifically applied by the courts are set forth in systematic form
3. Any system of principles, rules or regulations relating to one subject.
4. A set of rules for converting information into another form or representation.
5. A message represented by rules intended to conceal its meaning.
6. (cryptography) A cryptographic system using a codebook that converts words or phrases into codewords.
7. (programming, uncountable) Instructions for a computer, written in a programming language; the input of a translator, an interpreter or a browser, namely: source code, machine code, bytecode.

 Sources: Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary,, Encyclopædia Britannica.


Purnima Bansal


CON-TEXTURE, KHOJ international artist association, New Delhi, IN, 2016 (S)

Detail, aztec code embroidery on silk
Detail showing embroidery on silk with projection still of stitching process and code pattern in the background, CON-TEXTURE, KHOJ, roof top. New Delhi, India, 2016