HD video, black and white, no sound, 15‘30‘‘, 2014
Screening on location, Ruprechtsstiege/Morzinplatz, Vienna, AT, 2014

The Israel/West Bank Wall of the project LARGEST COMMON DIVIDER could not be set up as planned in downtown Vienna, consciously bordering on a historically sensitive locale called ‘Morzinplatz’, due to last minute political interventions. The compromise offer to install this wall at a less contentious location was rejected by the artist for conceptual reasons. She decided to have the Israel/West Bank wall removed from the site and to respectfully install a ‘Blank Space’ in its stead. With this artistic choice, Sáile opens a space for discourse and dialogue on the notions and conflicts that precede the construction of physical boundaries.


Mag. Andreas Spiegl, Mag. Susanna Wouk, K2 Dach- und Bau GmbH, Dipl. Ing. Monika Trimmel, Dr. Martina Taubenberger, Dr. Michael Wimmer, KÖR – art in public space Vienna GmbH