के बीच / AMID

 6 fabrics/prayer flags, 35 cm x 110cm, New Delhi, IN, 2016

Hand woven, natural colored, un-processed raw silk is embroidered via manual machine embroidery. Loosely based on Hannah Arendt thesis on Plurality of Languages, six Hindi words are stitched onto the fabric, reflecting the process of saying, writing, reading, understanding and translating a word and the space within a word, its written signs, its sound and its meaning. These words are nuanced in meaning, sound and writing by historic changes, especially in context of intercultural influences, evident in the differences and similarities of Urdu and Persian language, which are interwoven.

The 6 flags

word, sound, noise, note, verbal authority

word, promise, speech, statement, aphorism, plight

matter, word, deed, matter of fact, certainty, datum

word, phrase


meaning, sense, interpretation, significance, signification, point


CON-TEXTURE, KHOJ international artist association, New Delhi, IN, 2016 (S)


installation view, शब्द, KHOJ, roof top, New Delhi, IN, 2016
Hanna Arendt, Plurality of Language
Installation view, CON-TEXTURE, KHOJ, roof top, New Delhi, IN, 2016